Whack Games

Whack Games is now available on the internet! Whack Games is a fun and entertaining download that you can play on your computer. In Whack Games there are many different types of games from card and board games to trivia games. The games are easy to understand and are great for relaxation or party games.

There are two main characters in the Whack Games series: Jack and Bobby. Bobby is a young boy who works as a delivery boy for Whack Games. One day, he gets paid a visit from his former boss, Trace; a serial killer. Bobby’s boss tells him that he has one last task before he is out of the company, kill a serial killer. Bobby goes to find his old friend Bob who works at a supermarket as a slicer, but he soon gets more than he bargained for when he learns that the store’s new owner is a serial killer herself!

The game play in Whack Games is based around the story of how Bobby gets his job and the subsequent events leading up to his death. You will follow the story line as it progresses from being a delivery boy for Whack Games to becoming a slicer at the store. The more you play as Bobby, the more he learns about the crime he tries to solve, and the more he falls in love with one of the store girls.

As you play as Bobby, you’ll find yourself solving crimes and becoming a master criminal. You’ll use objects, letters and words to try and figure out where the crime happened and how the killer got there. You’ll also have a chance to choose which character you want to be: a police detective, a private eye or a thief. Once you’ve played enough Whack Games, the game ends when you escape from the mall and meet Ace Ventura, who happens to be Bobby’s old friend. He has plans of making a big profit by killing a certain amount of people.

Ace Ventura has a strange power over a good number of people, and he hires his friend Whack Games to try and get at Bobby. Whack manages to get enough information from Bobby about the burglary and ace Ventura, so he heads off to investigate. However, he soon realizes that Ace Ventura is after him, so Whack is forced to find and stop him before he ends up killing everyone in his apartment. When he finally catches Ace Ventura, he then has to decide what he wants to do with his life, so he goes into hypnosis and turns Bobby into a killing machine.

In addition to this, you can also purchase the official version of this game as a download. If you’re not sure if you want to buy a full game just yet, there are a lot of quality downloads that you can choose from. You should also know that since this is an action-adventure game, you might find yourself playing this for hours on end, especially if you’re playing online. So if you want a great story-line, killer graphics and numerous levels of difficulty, you’ll definitely find the Whack Games website one of your best options to download and play!