Stickman Games

The Stickman Games online are the most exciting ones to play. If you love action games then this is the game for you. With the different Stickman Games available you can basically do anything like shoot down evil forces with guns, run to war with tanks, go on a treasure hunt and many more, so just play them now!

The very first and most famous stickman game is the Stickman Hook. In this game the player has to guide five stick men through dangerous mazes to hit his opponents and collect the objects in every level. The enemies are shooting, flying and treading on walls. The stick men have to avoid the shooting range and the walls to reach the target.

The next most famous stickman games is the Fight Stickman, this time instead of using the guns they use their combat strength which is earned by getting in fights with other stick men. There are many levels to this Stickman game and the difficulty increases as you fight stronger and more difficult enemies. The game is based on real life events and so in every level there are funny quotes and dialogues that let you understand what is going on. The game brings out the mad creativity of the youth and is loved by all.

The game called Top Cow: Private Lake is the third in the list of the best stickman games. In this game the player has to kill all the ducks in all the lakes without sinking. The whole game is based on adventure and thrill and the graphics are excellent. One of the best features of this game is the little boat you have and you can take it to the next level only when you get the right license. This game also incorporates the ragdoll physics and so you get the feeling of riding a real bike. The graphics are so realistic that you will not believe you are playing.

The fourth in the list of the best stickman games is called Stickman Army. This game is based on the urban myth about the secret agent who helps stick figures with their missions. You start playing as a CIA agent who has to save the stick figure from various terrorists. To do so, you have to shoot and save the stick figure from burning buildings and other terrorist attacks. If you succeed, you get a medal and if you fail, you will see your stick figure getting burned alive in a pile of bodies.

The final game in this list of the best stickman games is the standalone release of Top Cow: Private Lake. This is an improved version of the popular Stickman movie released in 2021 starring Nicholas Cage. The game has been made by Radical Amusement and Company and the graphical presentation and storyline are quite similar to the movie. This version of Stickman features Stickman figures from all walks of life including a few that we do not know anything about. Stick figure shooting and adventure games have always been one of the most loved genres of video games and this is another one of them.