Stickman Games

The Stickman Games online are the most exciting ones to play. If you love action games then this is the game for you. With the different Stickman Games available you can basically do anything like shoot down evil forces with guns, run to war with tanks, go on a treasure hunt and many more, so […]

PVP Games

If you are one of those who are still using windows 95 for your operating system, then you will be glad to know that you can play PVP Games on the new Xbox Kinect. The new peripheral designed by Microsoft basically uses your CPU to control the movements and fighting abilities of your character in […]

Puppy Games

Puppy Games is an up and coming independent games studio from the UK. They describe their style of game design as “Neo-retro arcade”. In other words, retro, but not so much that it looks silly. They describe a lot of their ideas in terms of classic arcade games. The concept of the Puppy Games was […]

Whack Games

Whack Games is now available on the internet! Whack Games is a fun and entertaining download that you can play on your computer. In Whack Games there are many different types of games from card and board games to trivia games. The games are easy to understand and are great for relaxation or party games. […]